Terrapin Cellars
Our Story
Terrapin Cellars was started in 2000 when we purchased Pinot Gris grapes and produced 97 cases of wine. The following year we added Pinot Noir and in 2004 started making a port style wine from Tempranillo grapes. We own and operate a vineyard management company and consider our wine production a follow through of our grape growing efforts. The Willamette Valley is an ideal region for cool climate varietals like pinot noir and pinot gris because of the long growing season, the soils and abundance of excellent vineyard sites. We employ sustainable viticulture practices that will grow the best possible grapes on each site we manage. The grapes we use in our wines come from several of these sites which can vary from vintage to vintage. Our philosophy in the winery is minimal intervention so we can preserve the unique blend of the grapes that come from the vineyards that we manage. Our ultimate goal is to produce outstanding, value priced wine that can be enjoyed on special occasions or in a casual setting with friends and family.
Since our primary occupation is grape growing we produce our wine at another winery and do not have a tasting room. We rely on our partnerships with distributors, retailers, restaurants and direct customer sales to sell our wine.
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